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New collection 2014

The new collection is full of new products, which were improved to drive a new change to floorball. Players can find Aramid on the top sticks. This material is quite expensive, but it help a light shaft to be durable.

We are also bringing new shaft technology to the market - NoVibrations. Players have to bend the shaft properly to make kick up the ball and the when the stick is bend back to equal position they can feel vibrations in the shaft. Our new shaft technology protects from vibrations.

Japanese Carbon dominates for the two series - Lupa and Arctic, further more Arctic is one of the lightest stick on the market.

Timber sticks are equipped with Nano Carbon material - we are bringing top material at nice price level.

Tundra sticks have now the blades blade in the market, you can get very good sticks for affordable prices.

Wolf sticks have now very attractive colors for everybody, you can enjoy them;-)

What about goalies? We worked hard on the new design of the products and thus all the pants, jerseys, helmets are more attractive than ever.

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